New Additons to Watercolors Page

I recently scanned slides of Suzie's sold watercolors I found in a binder in our studio. Our friend Bob Egan and I spent an afternoon cleaning the scans up and adjusting the colors. Many thanks to Bob for his help with the images; he is a master in that craft while I just muddle around. Some of the slides had been labeled with dates painted and dates sold.  However, most only had titles and a few had no information at all. I listed them all as in private collections and titled the few without any information. If anyone knows the dates, titles, or owners of any of these images, please contact me at anytime. 

I recently found this photo of Suzie selling her Cakepeople ornaments at a craft fair in the front of the Museum of National History in New York City. 

Suzie at Cakepeople Booth