First Post

I am gradually finding and photographing older works and sketches that Suzie made. Many of Suzie's friends are also sending me photos of Suzie that I have not seen before.  All of these works and photos have some story attached to them. In order to allow more space for these stories, I have started this blog page. I hope all of the friends who visit this site enjoy the entries and send more images and photos for others to see.

26 St. John Street

The building in the middle is 26 Saint John Street where Suzie lived in Oxford, England. She had a room on the second or third floor which looked out the back of the building.

Leslie & Susie Walton Street steps

A photo Leslie sent me of Suzie and her sitting on the front steps of Leslie’s building in Oxford. Leslie had written on the back of the photo “fake smiles on our last day in Oxford”. She believes a passing stranger they flagged down took the photo.