What we once cherished, we can never lose..... 


This website is dedicated to Susan Crockett as a showcase for her life and artwork. Suzie produced many watercolors and oil paintings, lithographs and silk screens, sketches, and her whimsical Cakepeople figures. The pages of this site show a small collection of the work she made in her lifetime. There are also several pages of photos and movies of Suzie which  her closest friends might like to see. 

Suzie's artworks are in private collections throughout the world. Many of her  early pieces were sold and,  due to gallery closings and lost paperwork,  are now undocumented as to their locations and owners. It is the hope of this site that people will come forth with images of her artwork that have not been seen for many years.

My thanks and best wishes to all of Suzie's family and friends who kept Suzie in their thoughts and prayers during her long illness.

I would like to extend special thanks to two of Suzie's life long friends- Bob Egan, a friend since college days who designed and ran Suzie's original Cakepeople.com website for the sale of her ornaments;  and Leslie Anderson, a talented artist in her own right, whose life long friendship brightened Suzie's life every day. Suzie considered these two her "best of friends". 


Note: All images are copyrighted and can not be copied without permission of the artist or her representative. Please feel free to contact me at the email address below with any information or any questions.

Contact: suzchas@verizon.net